Buying the William Blake Tarot

The William Blake Tarot is now available in a newly revised edition that offers better color rendition and sharper images, plus various stylistic improvements. Although not available in stores, you may purchase copies directly from Ed Buryn, the creator of the deck. Each deck includes 80 cards in full color plus 32-page instruction booklet. If you need help with the following instructions, email or call 530-265-8646.
  If you want to order the deck online, please go to At you will also be able to download the complete descriptive book and be able interact with the deck. Additionally, you can order the deck using the form below.
  Please note that the edition available for sale is a considerably improved version over what is currently seen on Facade. The Facade images will be updated in the coming days.
  If you need any help or have any questions please ask Ed Buryn via email or call 530-265-8646:

How to buy a William Blake Tarot deck:

  1. Print out this page.
  2. Fill out the following information:
    Your Name:_____________________________________________
    Shipping Address:_____________________________________________
    City, State, Zip:_____________________________________________
  3. Compute the total amount of money to enclose:
    Number of decks to purchase:__________
    Total cost of decks ($32.00 per deck):$__________
    Sales tax (8.875% for California residents only):$__________
    U.S Shipping and Handling ($5 for up to 5 decks):$__________
    Mexico/Canada Shipping and Handling ($7.50 for up to 5 decks):$__________
    Overseas Shipping and Handling (first deck $10 for up to 5 decks):$__________
    Total Enclosed$__________
  4. Enclose a check or money order (in U.S. currency only), payable to "TAROT".
  5. Mail to:
    Post Office Box 720
    Nevada City, CA 95959