Where is your Birthday in PI?

Enter your "birthday" (e.g., 22069)
Checking 1254543 digits of PI

I found 220969 starting at this location in PI: 920189

This document will tell you where in PI your birthday first occurs..

E.G., If you were born Feb 20th 1969 search for: 

Note: No spaces... (you can also search for 2201969, but, that is less likely...)

For those that dont remember, PI is the big(*) number that begins with three.

Thanks to Arthur Bebak (arthur@msm.com) for the idea...

* It has been brought to my attention that PI is not really all that "big", per se -- 4 being given as an example of a number bigger than PI. I could argue that PI is bigger than an infinite number of numbers (-5 for example) but, in truth, that is kinda wimpy and misleading. It turns out that when I was thinking "big" I was thinking of all the space that was used when writing PI down. The stack of papers required to write down PI is much bigger than the stack to write down 1 million. All that said doesn't take away the fact that there was actual confusion regarding the statement of PI being a big number -- therefore, you should ignore that I called PI the big number that begins with three and instead consider PI to be the really long number that begins with three.