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Buying the Curious Tarot

      The Curious Tarot is an extraordinary deck composed of the 22 Major Arcana and the 16 Court Cards. As of this writing, only 100 copies of the Curious Tarot exist. Each is handmade by the artist herself, using a process that produces beautiful, durable, cards that are 3 by 5 inches in size. They are laserprinted on cardstock and are resistant to water and fading.

      Each handmade deck comes in a handcrafted wooden box with a booklet describing the traditional meaning of each card and demonstrating a basic spread. All decks come with a "signature card". The signature card, as well as the boxes and booklets, are HAND SIGNED and NUMBERED. This set is a limited, first edition of 100, priced at $150 each - an amazing deal for an original work of art.

      If you like the Curious Tarot, we highly recommend you nab a copy of this beautiful and collectible piece of history NOW while you still can!

How to buy a Curious Tarot deck:

To purchase the Curios Tarot, please contact the artist directly at either: