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William Blake Tarot
Ten of Music (Sublimity)

A chorus of dancers celebrate sexuality and fertility in homage to Aphrodite (Venus), indicated by the Star of Venus, and the figure of lusty Cupid-Eros, who was Aphrodite's son. The timbrels (hand-drums) being held aloft by the dancers could also be the famed mirrors of Venus, which were made of copper -- itself named after Aphrodite's isle of Cyprus. The male/female symbolism of the phallic flutes and round drums, is repeated in Cupid's bow and violin, which also symbolizes magical powers and earthly perfection. This portrayal of sublimity ('elevated state') is literalized by the fact that everyone is dancing on air. Emotional and sexual satisfaction are the wellsprings of perfection in art, according to Blake.

The William Blake Tarot explores the mystical vision and artistry of the renowned English painter and poet. Through rich interpretations focused on creative undertakings, it has long been the deck of choice for artists, writers, musicians, and thinkers. For more information about this deck, or to buy your own personal copy, go to www.blaketarot.com.