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William Blake Tarot
Man of Music

Bards were Celtic minstrels who acted as heralds, and sang heroic odes at celebrations and festivals. This is such a bard, a wise counselor and gifted visionary. His hoary beard and advanced age signify his emotional control and vast experience. A good term for him is wizard ('wise one') or shaman ('medium'), a member of the magical establishment. He stands next to the sea of time & space (the material world) and beneath the branches of the "ancient trees" where walked the "holy word" -- hence, he mediates between the worlds of matter and spirit. Blake's window quotation states that imagination is ageless -- bardic inspiration is not supplanted by our own; nor will our realized visions be devalued by those of artists yet to come.

The William Blake Tarot explores the mystical vision and artistry of the renowned English painter and poet. Through rich interpretations focused on creative undertakings, it has long been the deck of choice for artists, writers, musicians, and thinkers. For more information about this deck, or to buy your own personal copy, go to www.blaketarot.com.