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William Blake Tarot

The first man (Adam), the first woman (Eve), and an archangel (Rafael) in the lush garden of physical Eden represent the three types of knowledge within the human psyche: conscious, unconscious, and superconscious. The card depicts the interrelationship and integration of these states, which can also be called: masculine, feminine, and divine. Raphael ('healer of God') urgently admonishes Adam and Eve to heed God's advice and 'be good'. We know that they disregard the divine counsel, and listen instead to the serpent who girdles the 'Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil' in the background. Eve's disobedience expresses humanity's spiritual need to gain knowledge of good and evil, of sexuality, and of the material world -- in order to ultimately transcend them. Knowledge is the start of the evolution that will eventually lead the soul back to Eternity. To Blake, the downside of Eve's choice is that her action usurps God's power of judgment, thus creating the potential for the terrible error of vengeance. However, Blake also maintained that error always has value because it exposes what needs to be corrected.

The William Blake Tarot explores the mystical vision and artistry of the renowned English painter and poet. Through rich interpretations focused on creative undertakings, it has long been the deck of choice for artists, writers, musicians, and thinkers. For more information about this deck, or to buy your own personal copy, go to www.blaketarot.com.